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For LangTec, the strong bond with academic research is both culture and programme. We strive to bring to life latest insights from academic research in real development projects and products. Our team boasts a range of deep specialisations in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computational Linguistics (CL), Machine Learning (ML), Software Development as well as data base and cloud infrastructures. We build robust software solutions that put advanced AI technology to work in practice in order to solve real-world problems.

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Who We Are

Data Scientists

Data scientists transform big data into actionable and relevant information and insights. To extract valuable insights, they employ innovative analysis tools and techniques or simply build their own tools. Their whole way of thinking is govered by the cylce of hypothesis formation and subsequent data-based hypothesis validation.

Computational Linguists

Interdisciplinary experts who specialise in the automated processing of natural language. Their field of activity is the intersection of computer science and linguistics. They understand the linguistic dimension of the project challenge and are able to assess which technical aspects in the implementation of the target solution need to be taken into account.

Software Engineers

Our software engineers are coders and software architects rolled into one: They design our complex software solutions and make fundamtenal decisions about the target solution’s interactions with other components. Ultimately, they are in charge of the entire value chain from architectural design to hands-on coding.

Classical Linguists

Classical linguists concentrate on the systematic features and structures of human language. This is an invaluable skill in the generation of linguistic resources such as dictionaries and terminologies. Our linguists analyse linguistic input, abstract it and build complex models of domain-specific language. In localisation, they also investigate cross-linguistic patterns and regularities.

What We Do

Solving Real-World Problems with Artifical Intelligence

We develop products and solutions, that enable the automatic collection, filtering, categorisation, clustering and in-depth semantic analysis of large amounts of unstructured textual data like e-mails, electronic documents or web-content. We use advanced AI to convert unstructured data into structured knowledge. Our software solutions also enable you to extract information from scanned documents with utmost precision, thus permitting the automation of document-based processes. Or to author multilingual SEO-optimised copy text based on structured datasets and product data. Or to generate extremely heterogeneous training data in practically unlimited quantity for your next large-scale machine learning project. Or … Simply come and talk to us.

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