The very interesting graduation project of two Master’s students in communication design and architecture about remembrance culture using the example of Warehouse G that we supported with our NLG solution TextWriter, has now been successfully completed. The eponymous Warehouse G  (“Lagerhaus G” in German) is a former warehouse in the port of Hamburg located at Dessauer Ufer (nowadays Dessauer Straße), in the Kleiner Grasbrook quarter. During the second World War, the building was used as a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. Up to 3,000 persons were detained there.

On the website visitors can get information about the history of the building. TextWriter generates different variants of the remembrance text, depending on parameter selection. Parameters vary in tonality, form, and content. The Erinnerungsgenerator allows to experience the past from different perspectives and encourages to reflect on one’s own behaviour towards remembrance. It poses the question: how will we remember in the future?

The Erinnerungsgenerator is presented at the second meeting of the Hamburg quarter Veddel, taking place on September 5, 2020. The goal of this meeting is networking among neighbours and discussing current topics. Some of the organisers are members of the Initiative Dessauer Ufer. The initiative is promoting a memorial at Warehouse G and using the building for the quarter. The inhabitants of Veddel can use the Erinnerungsgenerator – during the meeting and afterwards – to approach the place in their own way and develop their own ideas for using it.