LangTec participated in the Hessian Ministry of Economics Innovation Competition. One problem we want to tackle is to simplify the conversion of driving licenses for non-EU residents. A non-EU driving license is only valid for six months from the first arrival in Germany. After that, one must convert their driving license to a German driving license. However, the steps for one country can be different from one to another.

Therefore, we would like to propose a driving license conversion system to help facilitate this process. Our existing product, AlatUno, a multi-lingual PDF filling system, assists users in filling the necessary application form. In addition, based on the uploaded driving license, it will automatically detect the country and decide which steps are required.

We presented our solution in the final round of the Innovation Contest of the Hessian Ministry of Economics. Our competition was extremely strong and professional. Still, at the end of the day, the jury voted for us and our solution AlatUno was awarded the gold medal in this competition!