In a new project aimed at advancing sustainability in the industrial sector, LangTec is happy to announce its collaboration with one of the leading global players in the steel and metal distribution industry. As part of this collaboration, LangTec contributes senior backend development expertise to help build solutions that revolutionise the way we think about carbon emissions in the supply chain.

Our client’s Sustainability Team has been on a mission to empower endcustomers with all the information they need to make environmentally conscious choices. Equipped with a groundbreaking system for calculating carbon emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle, the Sustainability Team is now adding LangTec’s development expertise to take this initiative to the next level.

We are contributing to an improved solution that will make it easier to track and analyse the environmental impact of various materials and vendors, from raw material delivery to the final leg of transport to the end-user. Moreover, LangTec will be involved in integrating an authentication system to further streamline the user experience and provide a seamless interaction path towards greener, more sustainable customer choices.