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Visiting Academics: Two Linguistics Professors on Research Stay with LangTec

We are delighted to be hosting our two visiting linguistics professors Dr. Bettina Migge (University College Dublin) and Dr. Britta Schneider (Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)) at the LangTec office this week. Aim of their research stay with us is the in-depth exchange on applied methods of computational linguistics and text analytics. Dr. Migge and Dr. Schneider jointly chair the working group “Ideologies, Beliefs, Attitudes” in the research network LITHME (Language In The Human-Machine Era). Together with our colleagues they have engaged in a number of extremely insightful and inspiring discussions about LangTec’s projects and possible intersections between academic linguistics and applied language technology in industry.

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Browser Plug-In Development for Automatic Handling of Cookie Requests

We are very pleased to have started the development of an innovative browser plug-in for a large online mail order company in the hardware and software sector. The plug-in will automatically answer requests for the approval or rejection of cookies or the collection of website usage data. Approval or rejection can be set either globally or for each domain individually. To implement this, the plug-in uses the same JavaScript APIs that Consent Management Platforms (CMP) use to manage cookie requests.

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Taking Information Extraction from OCR to the Next Level

We are thrilled to have received the formal commission to expand our machine-learning-based solution for information extraction from scanned-in personal documents. After eliminating major competitors from the bidding process we can now spend all our attention on driving extraction accuracies towards the 100% mark.

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Multilingual Text Generation (NLG) for a Google-funded Start-Up

The events in recent years have highlighted the need for accurate and truthful election forecasting. LangTec is therefore extremely pleased to be able to make a contribution in this sector. Partnering with a Google-funded start-up from Munich (Google News Initiative) we will use our powerful NLG engine TextWriter to produce up-to-date reports on pre-election polls and surveys across numerous countries and languages. Our NLG core technology TextWriter not only generates human-like texts, it also provides deep analytical insights instantaneously.

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Great to have you join us, Dr. Christian Betz!

We are super-pleased indeed to have Dr. Christian Betz join us as a senior member of staff. Chris holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and brings to the table many years of experice in software engineering, software architecture and machine learning (ML). This is gonna be really great!

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Need Massive Amounts of Training Data for Machine Learning? Come and Meet DataGenerator!

Gone are the days when machine learning (ML) was limited by too few training data. Many use cases today require machine learning algorithms to learn complex patterns from huge amounts of training data. In most use cases, however, these training data are hard to come by, especially when dealing with highly personal or confidential document types such as IDs, insurance contracts or social security cards.
To remedy this, LangTec has created DataGenerator, a customised AI solution for generating massively varied amounts of training data based on a very small number of representative sample documents. DataGenerator permits to generate literally hundreds of thousands of unique document instances based on which even the most data-hungry learning algorithms will have enough to munch on.

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Automated Stock Market Reports for the English Market

TextWriter, LangTec’s AI solution for automated text generation (NLG), is now also reporting on international tradings for the English market. Tune in here for some samples:

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Exciting New Development Project for a Global Tech Giant

Starting in July 2018 some of our most senior devs will be supporting a global technology giant from Munich in the implementation of an automated analysis of their meeting conversations using automated speech recognition (ASR). The aim of the project is to create a fully automated workflow for passing audio snippets through a semantically enriching speech recognition process.

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Machine Learning on Complex Product Data for a Global e-Commerce Giant

Reinforcing our long-standing collaboration with one of this planet’s leading e-commerce providers, we are happy to support their newly founded machine learning team working on the analysis of complex product data. Our contribution is based on our unique expertise mix of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP).

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LangTec Kicks BIG AI’s Butt, Hands Down

Wow … David vs. Goliath, featuring LangTec in the role as David.
One of our financial-sector clients decided to pitch LangTec’s customised information extraction solution against an internationally advertised, high-end commerical semantics engine developed by a global tech superpower. And guess what? Our machine learning solution achieved extraction accuracies double that of Goliath’s electronic superbrain!
And yeah, just in case you were wondering: We’re damn proud of that 🙂

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