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From relational data base to ontology: Modelling and validation of a graph-based knowledge base

Our expert team for knowledge representation received the commission for the modelling and validation of a graph-based fact knowledge base. In the coming weeks and months, we will be supporting a large internationally active content provider in transferring their knowledge base into a linked-data model.

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Welcome back, Jula Menck!

We are happy that our working student Jula Menck is joining us again at LangTec after her five-month research break. Jula will continue to support our development team. Her main focus over the forthcoming weeks and months will be to contribute to our product development team working on our automated text-generation solution (NLG). During her break, Julia was involved in research on automated procedures for prosody extraction from speech data.

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LangTec wins commission for the enhancement of a sentiment analysis solution

We are very pleased about receiving the commission for the architectural upgrade of a sentiment analysis for facebook posts already in productive use. This new engagement will unfold in the context of  our long-standing client relation with facelift. Thank you, facelift!

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LangTec turns 6!

In a refined atmosphere, we celebrated LangTec’s 6th birthday with our core team on March 15h, 2017. After a tough skittles match, we enjoyed a splendid 3-course-meal. The good news: Nobody went home hungry that night. The bad news: Even computational linguists can have sore muscles the next day.

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LangTec’s Report Generation in Use

Our service-based multi-lingual NLG engine for the generation of continuous text is in productive use again. This time, we generate over 400 regionally specific reports about the local developments on the labour market for a large publishing group in Germany based on continually updated statistics. In addition to the reports about the most recent figures, this also includes context-related analyses of trend developments and year-over-year comparisons.

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Data to text: Automated text generation

Since the beginning of this year, LangTec consults and supports one of the leading providers of structured domain data in the feasibility analysis for the implementation of a fully automated text generation solution. Strategic objective is the creation of a globally integrated solution for the automated generation of reports in several languages. This project underlines the strategic focus, which the automated generation of texts (NLG) has for LangTec in the new year.

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Language processing in robotics

We are very pleased about the contract for the development of a speech recognition solution for humanoid robots. The robots are supposed to be able to recognise spoken customer requests at the point of sale, semantically understand inquiries and subsequently process them correctly. LangTec contributes to this project many years of experience in linguistic analysis as well as in the automated generation of natural language.

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Welcome, Sebastian Beschke!

We are happy to welcome Sebastian Beschke as part of our team. Sebastian brings along experience in Linux-related software development, machine learning and semantic parsing and will be supporting LangTec starting in January. Welcome, Sebastian!

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Hey, Marco Lengua!

We are looking forward to Marco Lengua, who will be supporting our team as an intern! Marco will be completing his compulsory internship in the area of software development with us bringing along versatile experience in different frontend and backend technologies. Welcome to LangTec, Marco!

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Welcome, Dr. Yannick Versley!

We are very happy to welcome aboard our team Dr. Yannick Versley as a Senior Computational Linguist! Yannick brings along comprehensive experience in the areas of dependence parsing, machine learning and distributional semantics. Great that you are along for the ride, Yannick!

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