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Completion of Pro-Bono Project:

The very interesting graduation project of two Master’s students in communication design and architecture about remembrance culture using the example of Warehouse G that we supported with our NLG solution TextWriter, has now been successfully completed. The eponymous Warehouse G  (“Lagerhaus G” in German) is a former warehouse in the port of Hamburg located at Dessauer Ufer (nowadays Dessauer Straße), in the Kleiner Grasbrook quarter. During the second World War, the building was used as a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. Up to 3,000 persons were detained there.

On the website visitors can get information about the history of the building. TextWriter generates different variants of the remembrance text, depending on parameter selection. Parameters vary in tonality, form, and content. The Erinnerungsgenerator allows to experience the past from different perspectives and encourages to reflect on one’s own behaviour towards remembrance. It poses the question: how will we remember in the future?

The Erinnerungsgenerator is presented at the second meeting of the Hamburg quarter Veddel, taking place on September 5, 2020. The goal of this meeting is networking among neighbours and discussing current topics. Some of the organisers are members of the Initiative Dessauer Ufer. The initiative is promoting a memorial at Warehouse G and using the building for the quarter. The inhabitants of Veddel can use the Erinnerungsgenerator – during the meeting and afterwards – to approach the place in their own way and develop their own ideas for using it.

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GPU Compute Power @ LangTec

With the availability of fully scalable compute power on demand these days, extending one’s on-site hardware requires careful deliberation. In view of the substantial amounts of money we have been transferring to our preferred provider of virtual infrastructure, we thought time had come to extend our own server’s compute capabilities further. At the time of writing, our new compute GPU is being installed alongside the much needed upgrade on the power supply. We look forward to noticeable speedups in training our deep-learning machine learning models. The time saved, we’ll probably spend drinkin’ more of the good coffee in the office 🙂

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New Machine Learning Master’s Project

We’re delighted to report that Anand will be joining our team as a working student and Master-level researcher in the area of machine learning. In the context of his Master thesis project Anand will be exploring discriminative and generative deep-learning approaches for the intelligent processing of filled forms.

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Welcome @ LangTec, Marco!

Super-happy to have Marco join our team of seasoned software developers. Marco brings more than twenty years of experience in full-stack development to the table and will be managing the technical realisation of our ADAPI-project in which we are developing, together with our partners from the Fraunhofer Institutes IBMT and IDMT as well as the Augenklinik Sulzbach, an AI solution for the fully automated analysis and documentation of doctor-patient dialogues.

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Have a safe trip home, Heet!

After a truly amazing research project over the past few months on automated quality estimation for machine translation, the time had come for Heet to return home. Needless to say, we could not let him go without a joint excursion through Europe’s culinary topology, all at a Corona-safe distance.

We’re also extending a heart-felt Thank you! to the Oechsle Team, who really have been taking care of us wonderfully that afternoon.

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Certifiedly Innovative through Research

That we are innovative here at LangTec, we’ve known for a while. Being certified as innovative through research, however, is good news even to us. Last week we received the Stifterverband’s research seal. Stifterverband is a joint initiative of companies and foundations dedicated entirely to consulting, networking and promoting improvements in the fields of education, science and innovation. Since 2014 the Stifterverband’s research seal ‘Innovative through research’ is awarded annually to enterprises actively conducting research. The award recognises the special responsibility these companies take within state and society. We are delighted to be one of those companies.

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Next DAX Client, please …

We are delighted to report the signing of a new project in the area of consumer goods. For our third DAX-listed client with more than twenty thousand staff and a yearly revenue of more than 7.6 Bn Euro (2019) we shall develop a multilingual solution for the automated semantic analysis of customer feedback.

And yes, quite frankly, we are also a little bit proud of the fact that we as a really small vendor get the opportunity to work for and with such a big global player 🙂

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Pro-Bono Project: Remembrance Culture “Warehouse G”

We are delighted to provide our NLG solution TextWriter to support a graduation project focusing on remembrance culture from the perspectives of communication design and architecture at two Hamburg-based universities.

The eponymous Warehouse G  (“Lagerhaus G” in German) is a former warehouse in the port of Hamburg located at Dessauer Ufer (nowadays Dessauer Straße), in the Kleiner Grasbrook quarter. During the second World War, the building was used as a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. Up to 3,000 persons were detained there.

Given the current urban development of the Grasbrook area, the two Master’s students want to present the history of the building and at the same time explore new ways of remembrance. Part of their concept is to develop an interactive application, so visitors can explore the historical background of the site. Users can select various parameter settings such as “informative” or “emotional”. Depending on which parameters were selected, TextWriter dynamically generates according varieties of the memorial text differing in tonality, form, and content.

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Growth continued: Extending a Warm Welcome to Gianni Balistreri and Jason Luc!

Despite social distancing and working from home, we are super-proud to welcome two new colleagues on our team: Gianni Balistreri is joining us as a senior data scientist. Gianni brings to the table many years of experience in analysing and modelling complex data sets. Fully contactlessly, he has now been on-boarded to the team in one of our recent virtual team meetings.

We are also delighted to have Jason Luc join our team as a permanent junior software developer after successfully completing his Bachelor’s degree recently. Jason has been enriching the LangTec team as a working student ever since 2018. In that role, he already has contributed to a number of exciting development projects.

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Dear Clients, dear Prospects,

In view of the present developments regarding the spread of the corona virus we here at LangTec have switched to completely working from home as of Week 11. Our primary objective in doing so is to protect the health and well-being of our staff. Our team delivers seamlessly and continues to provide consulting and development services at the level of quality you have come to expect from us.

We would like to extend special thanks to our clients for continuing all current projects without any restrictions and for letting us continue our work remotely. At the same time, we are delighted to report that despite the challenging times we continually receive new project enquiries and requests for proposals.

It is our strong belief that our measures on working from home in connection with our clients’ unfaltering planning and commissioning are the most effective way to minimise the virus’ impact on health and economy for us all. Again, a big, warm Thank you! for this from LangTec to ye all.

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