We are delighted to provide our NLG solution TextWriter to support a graduation project focusing on remembrance culture from the perspectives of communication design and architecture at two Hamburg-based universities.

The eponymous Warehouse G  (“Lagerhaus G” in German) is a former warehouse in the port of Hamburg located at Dessauer Ufer (nowadays Dessauer Straße), in the Kleiner Grasbrook quarter. During the second World War, the building was used as a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. Up to 3,000 persons were detained there.

Given the current urban development of the Grasbrook area, the two Master’s students want to present the history of the building and at the same time explore new ways of remembrance. Part of their concept is to develop an interactive application, so visitors can explore the historical background of the site. Users can select various parameter settings such as “informative” or “emotional”. Depending on which parameters were selected, TextWriter dynamically generates according varieties of the memorial text differing in tonality, form, and content.