The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs sponsors long-running programs to promote the digitalization of the German economy (Measurement of the Digitalisation of the German Economy). They focus particularly on Artificial Intelligence as an enabler of economic growth; besides workshops and publicity initiatives, this also involves conducting in-depth interviews with practitioners in the field.

Every year investigates a different aspect of digitalization, and 2021 is the year of NLP. LangTec has been selected as a prominent example and invited to contribute the practitioner’s perspective in a semi-structured multi-hour interview. The Q&A process ranged over the topics of typical application areas, achievable levels of quality, requirements on IT platforms, modes of operation, cloud computing, user training and of course data protection.

LangTec was pleased to be able to contribute to the understanding of this dynamic market segment on the part of decision-makers in politics. It was a great opportunity to contribute an extensive ground-level view of our core competence, Semantic Text Processing, to interested scientist stakeholders. The results of all interviews will be published as a case study at the end of 2021.