Big congratulations to Lang.Tec on winning the public tender of a large German tourism project! Part of the project will involve improving and extending an open data Knowledge Graph. The additional information will be obtained by extraction from unstructured description texts on various entities such as hotels, events, restaurants, tours and others.

To accomplish this, Lang.Tec will employ state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract touristically relevant information and add it in structured form to the Knowledge Graph. This will permit the associated chatbot to access a wealth of additional structured information, which will help it provide more useful and accurate answers to users.

In addition to improving the Knowledge Graph, Lang.Tec will also develop a machine-learning-based module to answer difficult user questions. This module will support the chatbot in understanding context and intent of users’ questions, thus enabling it to provide more relevant and helpful answers for hard questions.

Overall, Lang.Tec’s work on the German Touristic project will help improve the data-driven capabilities of the chatbot, making it a more valuable resource for travellers and tourism professionals in Germany. We very much look forward to experiencing the positive impact this will have on the chatbot user experience.